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Take a look at an RTU online

RMS has set up an RTU on the internet.  Some of its contact closures regularly change status, and the readings from the analog ports are constantly changing.  View the web pages and XML documents, retrieve the logs, and send commands to this RTU.


How to Access the Demonstration RTU

RMS has an RTU that is connected to the Internet for demonstration purposes.  This RTU gives you an opportunity to see the RTU in operation. This RTU has modified firmware in it that:

will give an error on some commands, e.g. the RTU will not allow you to change its Ethernet IP address

has one port constantly in Alarm + ARA

continuously places four other ports into Alarm / Historic state. This process starts relatively slowly and then accelerates, so you can see the RTU transition through many states

The RTU's Operations page is a web page (HTML and Javascript) that shows you the current status of the RTU.  To view the Operations page enter the address of the RTU, which is

Some aspects of this web page are:

The colored box in the top left of the page gives a summary of the RTU's status (the demonstration RTU will usually be in alarm state)

Click the "All Ports" button to show all the RTU's ports, not just the ones that are in alarm / ARA / historic state

Click the "Upd. Status" button to refresh the RTU status information

Click the "Logs Page" button to retrieve RTU logged information from the RTU

To send a command to the RTU, select the command from the "RTU Commands" list, then click the "Execute" button

To activate / deactivate a relay or contact closure port configured for output, select the port from the "Output Ports" list and click the Activate / Deactivate button

The RTU's Logs page (also HTML and Javascript) allows you to retrieve and display the logs stored in the RTU.  You can retrieve this page by clicking the Logs Page button from the Operations page, or enter the URL to the page, which is

Some aspects of the Logs web page are:

The colored box in the top left of the page gives a summary of the RTU's status (the demonstration RTU will usually be in alarm state)

Click the "Oper. page" button to return to the Operations page

To retrieve log information from the RTU: select the log you want from the "Log Type" list; select the time period for which you wish to retrieve the information from the "Time Interval" list; click the "Fetch Logs" button.

All the information that is displayed in the web pages is retrieved from XML documents in the RTU.  You can retrieve these documents directly yourself and display them in your browser:

to retrieve the configuration settings, enter into your browser

to retrieve the current status information from the RTU, enter into your browser

to retrieve the Events log, enter into your browser.  To retrieve the audit log, replace the 'E' with an 'A'; to retrieve the timed log, replace the 'E' with a 'T'

You will want to run the Configuration page (it uses Macromedia Flash technology) that is available from our Downloads area. This page gives you access to:

view and change all the settings, including any script, in the RTU (note that some settings cannot be changed in the online demo unit)

view the status of the RTU and all its ports

send commands to the RTU

If you do not already have the Flash player installed and linked to your web browser, you can install it by clicking here.

When the Configurations page starts, it will ask you for the IP address of the RTU. Enter the IP address of the online demo RTU, which is

Flash is a very security conscious product, and may prevent you from accessing the online RTU. If this happens, the Flash Player will show you a message. Follow the instructions in the message (follow the specified link and click a button on the page presented to you) and you will be allowed to access the RTU.

Midnight Technologies

Midnight Technologies designed the RTU and have organised all manufacturing.  Midnight Technologies now manage all sales and marketing activities for the RTU.(more)

RMS Has Moved

RMS has moved office. We are now co-located with our hardware designers as work gets under way on the next generation of RTU. (more)

New Firmware Released

The RTU now supports connections using CDMA mobile modems. It incorporates acknowledgement of notifications sent as SNMP traps or SMTP email messages, to ameliorate delivery of messages. The new firmware also allows connection to serial-based devices using the RTU's Multi Function Port and the new Pass Thru feature. (more)


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